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Using Athletes to describe Agile teams

I found this note I made late 2014 and it started to make sense again. It reads like something I noted from reading something else but I can’t find the source.

Scrum incorporates a commitment-based approach to delivery. In that, the team commits to sprint goals and in doing so communicates potential outputs. The commitment is key to the culture of the team. The team could be seen here as an Athlete who needs to train themselves on how to be successful. During the sprint, they do all that is necessary to deliver against their commitment.

They then study performance and commit to improving it next time round. There are various stages an Athlete must go through to reach full potential. They go through these stages learning what to improve and how to avoid injuries. They measure and know when they are doing better. This also applies to Agile teams.

You generally know when a team gets to its top form when they don’t need to be told to pick up the next story or pair or swarm to resolve problems.

However, there is a need for leaders within the team to help coach until this potential is reached.

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